Spanish Article 9

Spanish First Aid/CPR Recert ONLY
December 4, 2017
Article 9
December 4, 2017

Arizona Revised Statues Specific to Services provided through DDD

Article 9

To become a support provider for individuals with developmental disabilities that are receiving services through the Division of Developmental Disabilities, whether they are family or non-family, and all students must acquire instruction and training in the law, Article 9. This is legislative ruling in Arizona. Article 9 was developed and maintained by the Department of Economic Security (DES) and The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) on Arizona. Instruction for Article 9 covers a variety of topics, which include individual rights, rules regarding teaching safe and effective methods of communication, abuse and neglect. Instruction and training covers techniques for positive behavior support, prohibited techniques, confidentiality, consent, and methods of reporting and documentation.

All agencies and programs that are operated, licensed, certified, and or financially supported by the DES/DDD are required to provide instruction in Article 9. All Support Providers in Arizona who care for clients under the above conditions are required to enroll and successfully complete a class in Article 9. All tests are provided by the State. Article 9 instructors are certified by the Department of Economic Security (DES) and The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). Re-certification for Support Providers is a 4 hour course renewed every three years.

Class Accommodations

Accommodations may be available for those who have language challenges.

Requirements for Earning Certification

Certification requires successful completion of a state-prepared written exam (80%). Certified instructors at Good Neighbor will proctor during the examination period. Class length is a minimum of 3-hours.

Required Textbooks and Learning Materials

Each student enrolled in Article 9 will receive a state-prepared and mandated packet for instruction. The written test is also state-prepared and mandated.

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